B Money (@i_am_bmoney) – Presidential

New single from B, don’t forget to like/comment below!


Carter (@CarterXI) – I Hear Em

Carter drops his new single, “I Hear Em”,  that he was recording in his “Take Off” Vlog below. Hit the link to download as well!!

Download: Carter-I Hear Em

Carter: Take Off Vlog (Shot & Edited by @APtheProducer)

Purchase Fatrich Tha Grizzley (@thagrizzley_)-Bear Season on Amazon & iTunes now!

Bear Season frontBear Season back

New Fatrich Tha Grizzley available for purchase now! Amazon & iTunes link posted below.

Amazon: Fatrich Tha Grizzley-Bear Season

iTunes: Fatrich Tha Grizzley-Bear Season

Bmoney (@i_am_bmoney)-Higher ft. @APtheProducer & @StephArmani

B’s new mixtape, Smokin’ Grass Countin’ Cash, drops April 5th!